Climax Every Day Campaign

Climax Every Day is our slogan, our mantra that keeps us going!

What does Climax Every Day mean? It’s a simple  daily reminder to celebrate life. ⠀

Climax Every Day is a campaign created by Culture Climax to share a daily reminder to step out of the mundane & celebrate life.

All over the world, our people have contributed their climax by raising a sticker to say, ‘hey, I’m soaking up the juices of life & celebrating a moment in this day’.⠀

Video of the Climax Every Day campaign:

Where has Climax Every Day been?

Oct 2019 – Jan 2020
Baja California Sur Mexico
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
– Miami, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale aka South Florida
Japan – Kyoto & Tokyo

Feb 2020 – present (visible via Climax Every Day Instagram)
New York City
South Florida


How to contribute?

1 – Request a sticker for free or purchase a t-shirt for $25 by messaging us here or via our @ClimaxEveryDay Instagram

2 – Raise a sticker and contribute your climax.

Below is a preview of the #ClimaxEveryDay campaign on Instagram:

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